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Balanguru- a book published/written by Birgitte a Danish Biologist, geographer and ethnographer

Balanguru is a small village located in Kalasha valley Rukmu, where the writer live for two half years and visited the area many times  onward. for more details read the article.

Birgette rejoice about her publication she shared this views with her followers on Facebook

By Birgitte Glavind Sperber

Fairies and demons, deities and shamans, sacred goats and sacrifices, earthquakes and flash floods, births and death, joy and sorrow, clean and unclean, unclean women with great freedom, a minority threatened by growing Islamism – all this is the reality of mountain people kalasha, which have preserved their ancient religion and culture and live in the rugged Hindukush in Northwest Pakistan. Through long annual stay over 25 years, the author has lived in the village Balanguru almost 2½ years total and speak the language kalasha.

The core of the richly illustrated book is kalashaernes own explanations, myths, stories, poetry and life stories. This is surrounded by the author’s descriptions of events and people. The book’s stories are sorted in main parts – introduction, winter party, the valley’s unclean world, the mountain clean world, illness, Islam is gaining ground – but can easily be read separately. A detailed subject index makes the book suitable for ethnographic and religion historical contexts.

Excerpts from the book

Now stripped off the demon’s stomach and began to pull out all the intestines out of it, but Rahim had a rope tied around his waist, and he began to wrap the loose. So thought the demon that Rahim did the same as him and was afraid.


Sitjin Bibi rubbed thoroughly his palms against lergulvets dust to better hold on to the child. So she put both hands up in Lalizörs dress and opened the birth canal.

Suddenly it quickly. Foster The water splashed, and a little boy with attached bluish face appeared.


Oh, sweet sun / from Kawalun / My love / you’re so young / It’s too much / too my mind / sit here / cold place / and talk about / our love / – infinity.


– Unfortunately, it is just that we are surrounded by Muslim fundamentalists … They consider us unclean. They are trying to put an end to us – not the government, but the fundamentalist groups in Pakistan, which is now growing and spreading everywhere.
about the author

Birgitte Glavind Sperber (b. 1942) lives in Ribe. University Degree in biology, geography and ethnography. Retired lecturer. Award-winning documentary maker. Over 2 years in total at kalashafolket 1983-2008. Several publications on the people (costumes and textiles, natursyn mm). Lecture with film on kalashafolket. Married, two adult children and a grandchild.

Author Birgitte Glavind Sperber
Publication January 2017
Release type P-Book and E-Book
Binding Cover m / flaps and E-pub
page Number 506
ISBN P-book: 978-87-7190-188-7
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