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34 Amazing Pictures That Show The Beauty of Mysterious Kalash Valley in Chitral

By Haris Khan
Kalash Valley is one of the most beautiful and one of the most mysterious places in Pakistan. Located in the Chitral District of KPK province, Kalash valley has a unique indigenous culture and religion that dates back thousands of years. The people of Kalash valley are from the Dardic family of the Indo-Iranian branch. They speak the Kalasha language. Kalash Valley is surrounded by the Hindukush mountain range. Every year thousands of people from Pakistan and abroad visit the Kalash valley in order to know more about the culture and tradition of the people of Kalash and also to enjoy the spectacular natural beauty of the area.

We have compiled 35 amazing pictures of Kalash Valley that reveal the lifestyle, traditions, and culture of the people of Kalash. These pictures shed light on this mysterious valley and its beautiful people.

1 – You will see such spectacular scenes on your way to Kalash Valley. This is a view of Ayun Village in Chitral.

2 – This is what the road to Kalash Valley looks like.

Photo Credits – 7Snap

3 – Entrance to the Kalash Valley.

Photo Credits – Ibrahim AzharPhoto Credits – Umair Siddique

5 – This is what the houses in Kalash Valley look like.

6 – The amazingly beautiful dresses of the women and children will leave you amazed.

Photo Credits – Sajjad Haider

7 – Here is a picture of girls perched on stone ledges. Some houses in the valley can be accessed easily via stairs, while others have a difficult access and can only be reached by scaling stone walls.

Photo Credits – Danial Shah

8 – Education is considered to be very important by the people of Kalash Valley. Here is the entrance of a school in Kalash Valley.

Photo Credits – Danial Shah

9 – Here is another picture of children palying in the school in Bumburet Village in Kalash Valley.

Photo Credits – Ibrahim Azhar

10 – Spring Festival is held every year in Kalash Valley and it is a major tourist attraction.

11 – An elderly Kalasha woman sitting during the Chilum Jusht Festival in Kalash Valley.

12 – During the spring festival, it’s a ritual that men stand in the corners in order to protect the valley and the future harvest from the evil spirits.

Photo Credits – Danial Shah

13 – A woman doing work in the Bumburet Village in Kalash Valley.

Photo Credits – Ibrahim Azhar

14 – A woman in Kalash Valley tends her sheep. The primary source of earning in the valley is tourism, rearing goats and sheep, and growing walnuts.

Photo Credits – Danial Shah

15 – A wooden house in Kalash Valley.

Valley of Kalash

Photo Credits – Umair Siddique

16 – The streets of mysterious Kalash Valley.

Photo Credits – Agha Fawad

17 – Another street in the Bumburet Village, Kalash Valley. Some houses are made of wood and some are made of stones.

Photo Credits – Ibrahim Azhar

18 – When someone dies in Kalash Valley, the people of the tribe consider it as a release. The deceased person is given a farewell in a special room. The relatives gather in the room and circle the dead body and dance in happiness for three days. After that, the dead body is taken to the graveyard.

19 – This is what the graveyard in Kalash Valley looks like.

20 – Another view of the graveyard. The bodies are left open in the graveyard and bones can still be seen from some bodies.

21 – Wooden Houses in Kalash Valley are stacked one on top of the other. The rooftop of one house forms the terrace of the house above it.

Photo Credits – Danial Shah

22 – Here is a water stream in the Kalash Valley.

Photo Credits – Danial Shah

23 – Women in Bumburet Village of Kalash Valley.

Photo Credits – Ibrahim Azhar

24 – A wonderful close-up shot of houses in Bumburet Village, Kalash Valley.

Photo Credits – Ibrahim Azhar

25 – Trout Fish Farm in Bamburet Village, Kalash Valley.

Photo Credits – Rizwan Mir

26 – A stone house in Kalash Valley.

Photo Credits – Umair Siddique

27 – A street somewhere in the Kalash Valley. Did I mention earlier that these dresses are just amazing? Woah.

Photo Credits – Uzair Ahmad

28 – Local women gossip around and enjoy their time in the sun.

Photo Credits – Uzair Ahmad

29 – Another beautiful picture of women of Kalash valley in their colourful traditional dresses.

People of Kalash 2

Photo Credits – Umair Siddique

30 – The mountains of Afghanistan can be seen from the Kalash Valley.

Photo Credits – Umair Siddique

31 – Snow covers the Kalash Valley during winters.

Photo Credits – Syed Imran Schah

32 – The tall mountains of Chitral will leave you amazed.

Valley of Chitral

Photo Credits – Umair Siddique

33 – A beautiful view of the Kalash Valley from the Ayun Village. Kalash Valley is one of the most beautiful places in Pakistan and it’s beauty multiplies several folds during the spring season.

Photo Credits – Ahsan Khan

34 – The beautiful faces, amazing dresses, mysterious traditions, and spectacular sights await you in Kalash Valley.

Have you been to Kalash Valley? How was your experience? Let us know in the comments sections below. Also don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family.

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