On the occasion of World Tourism Day, people of Anish launched a clean-up drive at Anish village of Kalash Valley and expressed commitment to keep the entire village clean and green.

Ishpata News: Today, Tourism Day is being celebrated all over the world. The boys and girls of Anish village of Kalash Valley celebrated this day in a unique way - instead of all sitting together in the room and talking, the boys and girls here In collaboration with KP-TCA, a cleaning campaign was launched. Garbage was collected in the streets and after collecting the garbage, it was burnt to ashes and more and more boys and girls took part in the cleaning. It is gratifying that the women and boys here have started a clean-up campaign together and have played their part in keeping the village clean and hopefully this will continue.



On this occasion Zarin Khan who is in charge of Tourist Information Center Chitral said that it is very important to keep the environment clean as a large number of domestic and foreign tourists come here and it is very welcome for the locals that they Keep the environment clean and play their role in maintaining the beauty of this beautiful area so that it becomes an example for the people of other villages and they too will play an important role in keeping their village clean and transparent and green Pakistan. It is a good thing that men and women have taken a good step together.


The manner in which they have continued their efforts to keep their village clean despite their limited resources and will continue to work together to play their part in keeping this village beautiful and clean. So that this village becomes even more beautiful and the people here can see this beauty. And let the children here be more aware and teach the tourists a lesson. That they also join them in keeping the environment clean.